Sunday, 10 July 2016

Francis' Psalm 7

  1. All peoples, clap your hands-
    Shout to God with a voice of gladness-
  2. For God is greatly to be praised-
    The Great and Awesome King over all the earth.
  3. He is the Most Holy, Heavenly Father-
    The King of all ages,
    And He has sent His Beloved Son from on high,
    And He has accomplished Salvation upon the earth.
  4. Let the Heavens rejoice and the earth be glad,
    Let the sea swell with its fullness,
    Let the fields and all that is in them rejoice!
  5. Sing a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth!
  6. The Lord is great, and worthy of praise-
    He is Awesome above all Gods.
  7. Give the Lord, you fathers of the nations,
    Give the Lord glory and honour-
    Give the Lord the glory of His Name!
  8. Brace your bodies for the weight of His Holy Cross,
    And follow His Most Holy commandments to the end.
  9. Let all the earth tremble before His face,
        And proclaim to the nations that the Lord has reigned from the Tree.

Translated from the critical Latin by Pia Fugaccia 2006

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