Saturday, 16 July 2016

Francis' Psalm 8

  1. God, attend to my aid, Lord, come quickly to my assistance.
  2. Let those who seek my life be confounded
    Until they show respect.
  3. Let those who wish me evil turn back from me
    With blushing faces.
  4. Let those who cry to me "Bravo!"
    Turn back from me with blushing faces.
  5. Let all who seek You rejoice in You and be glad,
    And let those who delight themselves in Your Salvation
    Repeat again and again-May the Lord be magnified.
  6. But as for me, poor and destitute, may God help me.
  7. Lord, You are my Helper and my Deliverer-do not delay.

Translated from the critical Latin by Pia Fugaccia 2006

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