Friday, 29 July 2016

St Francis' Psalm II

  1. O Lord, God of my salvation, I have cried before You by day and by night.
  2. Let my prayer come into Your presence.
  3. Incline Your ear to my entreaty Look to my soul and set her free.
  4. Snatch me away from my foes.
  5. For you are the One who took me out of the womb- You have been my hope from my mother's breast.
  6. Upon You I was cast from the very womb of my mother.
  7. From my mother's womb You have been my not leave me alone.
  8. You know how I am reproached, how confused I am, and how much I revere You.
  9. Those who oppress me are before Your eyes.
  10. My heart has grown accustomed to unhappiness and reproaches.
  11. And I endured it when one person who should have sympathised with me, did not, And when I could not find anybody to console me.
  12. God, wicked men have risen against me, and the whole gathering of them sought to have my soul, and they did not keep You before their eyes.
  13. I have been taken for one of those who go down into the lake.
  14. I have been loosed among the dead like a man without help.
  15. You are my most Holy Father, my King and my God Incline to my aid, Lord God of my salvation

Source: Francis' Psalm II

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