Thursday, 9 August 2018

Atharva-Veda Samhita/Book III

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III. Book the third
1Against enemies84
2Against enemies86
3For the restoration of a king87
4To establish a king89
5For prosperity: with a parṇá-amulet91
6Against enemies: with açvatthá92
7Against the disease kṣetriyá94
8For authority96
9Against víṣkandha and other evils98
10To the ekāṣṭakā́ (day of moon's last quarter)99
11For relief from disease, and for long life103
12Accompanying the building of a house104
13To the waters107
14A blessing on the kine109
15For success in trade111
16Morning invocation to various gods, especially Bhaga113
17For successful agriculture114
18Against a rival wife: with a plant117
19To help friends against enemies119
20To Agni and other gods: for various blessings121
21With oblation to the various forms of fire or Agni123
22To the gods: for splendor (várcas)126
23For fecundity127
24For abundance of grain129
25To command a woman's love130
26Homage to the gods of the quarters etc. ⌊snake charms?⌋131
27The same: with imprecation on enemies133
28To avert the ill omen of a twinning animal134
29With the offering of a white-footed sheep135
30For concord137
31For welfare and long life139

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Atharva: Book 3: Hymn 25

 A man's love-charm - Sacred Texts

Let the Impeller goad thee on. Rest not in peace upon thy bed.
  Terrible is the shaft of Love: therewith I pierce thee to the
That arrow winged with longing thought, its stem Desire, its
   neck, Resolve,
  Let Kāma, having truly aimed, shoot forth and pierce thee in
   the heart.
The shaft of Kāma, pointed well, that withers and consumes the
  With hasty feathers, all aglow, therewith I pierce thee to the
Pierced through with fiercely-burning heat, steal to me with thy
   parching lips,
  Gentle and humble, all mine own, devoted, with sweet words of
Away Lfrom mother and from sire I drive thee hither with a
  That thou mayst be at my command and yield to every wish of
   mine. p. a97
Mitra and Varuna, expel all thought and purpose from her
  Deprive her of her own free will and make her subject unto me.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

"My eyes?" I asked.

"My eyes?" I asked. 
She said, "Look for me."
I then asked, "My gut?" 

"Let it sigh for me."
"And my heart?" I asked. 
"What's in it?" said she.
I said, "Pain for you." 
"Then keep it for me."

~ Moulana Rumi ~
[Sufi mystic, great poet, 13th Century CE, Iran ]

Original Persian:
گفتم چشمم، گفت براهش میدار
گفتم جگرم،گفت پرآهش میدار
گفتم که دلم، گفت چه داری در دل
گفتم غم تو، گفت نگاهش میدار

Thursday, 8 December 2016

It's your road

It's your road, and yours alone.others may walk it with you,but no one can walk it for you.

~ Rumi
Image: Lars van de Goor